Interpersonal skills for effective leadership & collaboration

Feel comfortable – sharing information and learning from each other

Imagine working in an environment where you and your colleagues feel comfortable sharing information, learning from each other, asking for what you want, and making suggestions for changes and improvements. Sounds idyllic?

Cooperation and collaboration are not just values; they are also skills – skills that can be trained, practiced, and developed.

When collaborative skills are demonstrated consistently by leaders and employees in a work environment, these values come alive and so become a part of the culture and the daily routine.

Creating a culture of trust will make you, your team, and your organization flourish and grow, not to mention make your workplace more attractive to new talent.

My name is Julia Warner and for over 20 years, I have been supporting professionals at all levels develop their communication skills. Please scroll down and take a look at my training and coaching programs to learn how I can support you.

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What comes to mind when you think of conflict? Disruption and change? Vulnerability and discomfort? Courage and strength?

My name is Julia Warner and I am a registered mediator with the Austrian Ministry of Justice, and I support individuals in developing their ability to understand and deal with conflict.

From my personal perspective, I can’t think of a more important life skill than that.

If we learn to approach conflict with an open mind and a genuine desire to understand ourselves as well as our counterparts, we can make faster progress towards more sustainable solutions.

I offer individual coaching, group training and mediation services. Please take a look around my website and feel free to get in touch.

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Collaborative Communication Program

My training program focuses on 4 main areas. Each module trains a specific skill set that revolves around interacting with others to promote engagement and collaboration within a professional setting.

Public speaking and confidence training

Being able to present and share information confidently and naturally is an important skill when collaborating in a professional environment. In this module, we focus on how to engage and interact with your audience to make a competent and memorable impression. Additionally, we look at how to be more persuasive and build a convincing argument.

Teamwork and

Cultivating a collaborative mindset as well as developing an attitude of self-leadership and self-responsibility are crucial skills for making teamwork work. In this module, we focus on the dynamics of teamwork and how to maximize the potential of working in a team. Additionally, we look at how leading yourself improves cooperation with others.

Managing potential
for conflict

The sooner we recognize potential for conflict and address it, the easier it is to prevent escalation. In this module, we look at how to give constructive feedback and confront challenging situations in such a way as to preserve and even improve your working relationships. This ability is critical for collaboration. Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.

negotiation skills

Everything in life is a negotiation. Nevertheless, there are different negotiation settings that require different approaches. In this module, we will look at internal negotiations and how to approach them cooperatively so as to maintain – and profit from – long-term working relationships.

Training framework

Each module can be booked separately as individual seminar day(s) or all together as a training course. The length of each module depends on the needs of the client and is determined after a thorough needs analysis.

Additionally, I offer one-on-one coaching and training in the above mentioned areas. Training can be conducted on-site and/or online. Depending on the size and needs of the group, a co-trainer from my network can be called in.

My training programs are taught in English and in German.

However, if you work in an international environment, choosing to conduct your training or coaching program in English will benefit not only your communication skills, but also your language fluency. My background in English language training can support international groups for whom English is an additional language.


Business Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process that is based on self-responsibility:

When a conflict escalates, a typical characteristic that develops is what experts call “tunnel vision”, which means the parties involved in the conflict increasingly lose the ability to consider perspectives other than their own. This is normal, albeit unproductive.

What mediation can do is support the parties in opening up their viewpoint again; this will enable the parties’ ability to communicate, empathize with each other, and develop options that can help resolve the conflict. An external, professional mediator knows how to guide this process and facilitate understanding and cooperation.

As a registered mediator with the Austrian Ministry of Justice, I provide in-company mediation for teams where companies are looking to improve collaboration and efficiency. From experience I have learned that it is best to work in co-mediation with a partner as a mediation team. This vastly improves the effectiveness of the process. For this reason, I recommend and prefer this method.

Personal Development Coaching

Would like to develop your full potential, but you’re not sure where to start? Working with a coach can help you get started and maintain momentum in creating the changes you want in your life.

My individual coaching program can support you through the process.
Firstly, we clarify and define a practical goal, and with creative tools, you will design a vision that inspires and motivates you. Then we will identify enablers and blockers and together work out a step-by-step plan to get you moving forward. Regular check-ins will monitor and guide your progress.
My job is to support you, guide the process, and give you an external perspective on your development. Your job is to have faith and be active in making your vision a reality.

A few examples of satisfied customers

In addition to my lecturing work at universities of applied science (see my LinkedIn profile), I have supported the following satisfied customers in developing their management as well as academic and administrative staff.

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This blog reflects my experiences, insights, and learnings that I have acquired over the years.

In my work, I am very lucky to be able to pursue my passion for learning while actively applying what I have learned in my current training and coaching programs.

Additionally, this blog has been created in cooperation with two very important colleagues: The photographs are the creative work of the visual artist Genoveva Kriechbaum ( And my texts are edited by the social science research expert Andrea Hoyer-Neuhold. I greatly appreciate their support and collaboration.

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